Top Ten Articles on Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter made headlines in 2016, with academics, college administrators and college students taking up this banner of anti-police and anti-white privilege on their own college campuses. Here are ten articles from this year on how Black Lives Matter rhetoric made headway at college campuses:

  1. High School and George Washington University students held anti-Trump and Black Lives Matter protest outside the White House
  2. Black Lives Matter Activists start a ‘subscription box’ for white people to pay for black activism
  3. Illinois State University and University of Vermont flew Black Lives Matter flag
  4. Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson told San Diego State University students that police officers have white privilege
  5. Emory University brought up Black Lives Matter rhetoric after Dallas police officers were murdered by a pro-Black Lives Matter supporter
  6. UVA professor took leave of absence after Facebook post on Black Lives Matter upset students
  7. Black Lives Matter activist Rashad Turner pressured special education teacher into early retirement after social media post on Black Lives
  8. White people could be on the wrong side of history on Black Lives Matter, Louisville graduate student claimed
  9. University of California-Irvine sponsored a Black Lives Matter writing contest
  10. Debate at University of Michigan Shouted Down by Black Lives Matter protesters
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