Progressive Black Lives Matter Activist Tries to Win Mayor’s Race in St. Louis

The Nation, a left-wing website, wrote a piece about St. Louis mayoral candidate Tishaura O. Jones. Jones has previously served in public office as city treasurer, but now set her sights on the mayor’s office in St. Louis.

Among her political platforms are the following:

  • Close “Workhouse”, a St. Louis jail
  • Placing social workers in the city’s police department
  • Pass a $15/per hour minimum wage
  • Create a Tenants’ Bill of Rights
  • Eliminate the city’s cash-bail system

The article mentioned that Bernie Sanders supporters have endorsed her, as have the following organizations:

Indeed, most grassroots progressive groups in St. Louis back Jones’s candidacy, says Kennard Williams, a community organizer with the nonprofit Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment, or MORE, which is currently leading a campaign against mass incarceration, called Decarcerate STL, in the city.

Jones’s record, her ideas and her rhetoric, he says, have earned her endorsements from organizations like MORE, the SEIU Missouri State Council, the St. Louis Action Council, and the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, as well as dozens of Black Lives Matter, civil-rights, and community activists in the city. Mobilize Missouri, a statewide coalition of grassroots activists that emerged out of the Bernie Sanders campaign, endorsed her in mid-February.

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