Dysfunction within Black Lives Matter? Mckesson Endorsed Hillary Clinton, Other Leaders Said No to Endorsements

DeRay Mckesson, a self-appointed leader within the Black Lives Matter activist movement, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Mic.com reported that Mckesson believed Clinton understands racial injustice and inequality. However, Mic nor Mckesson remembered when Hillary Clinton once said that Americans need to bring black people ‘to heel’.

Other leaders, such as Alicia Garza, said that Mckesson’s endorsement doesn’t reflect on Black Lives Matter.

“The BLM Network has held a firm position of not offering endorsements at the presidential level,” BLM co-founder Alicia Garza said in a statement to Mic. “No candidate has sufficiently engaged our concerns or our vision to earn an endorsement.”

“But it’s dangerous and false to assume that when individuals make those choices, they do so on behalf of an entire movement,” Garza said in the statement. “This announcement should be seen as an individual decision, not as a reflection of a consensus in a broad-based movement comprised of many different elements.”

Sounds like discord and dysfunction within the activist movement, doesn’t it?


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