DeRay Mckesson, a Black Lives Matter Activist, is Now a Politics Fellow at University of Chicago

This from our friends at Accuracy in Academia’s Faculty Lounge blog:

Activist Mckesson is now a politics fellow at the University of Chicago. Talk about a nice gig for an activist:

The perpetual blue vest-wearing activist will “lead a seminar series focused on social justice, social media, and organizing [which] are part of a larger discussion at the Institute of Politics this year examining a range of strategies aimed at affecting social change.”

Mckesson previously served as a Mellon Undergraduate Fellow (part of the Committee on Social Thought), and had a guest lecture gig at Yale.

Also, the Capital Research Center’s Matthew Vadum blogged about this new academic gig for Mckesson:

A George Soros-backed Black Lives Matter leader with delusions of eloquence has been given his second prestigious academic posting in two years because he’s good at starting race riots. It’s proof that crime pays. Embrace the pathologies of the Left and you will be showered with high praise and honors.

The agitator at hand is DeRay Mckesson, who should be in prison along with his fellow BLM  terrorists. He will be a Fall 2016 fellow at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics.

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