‘All Lives Matter’ Social Media Post Gets University of Houston Student in Trouble

From Accuracy in Academia’s Faculty Lounge blogs:

University of Houston punished a student for a social media post that included the words, ‘All Lives Matter’, in response to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. Rohini Sethi, student body president at the school, not only had to issue a statement, but be suspended for 50 days and attend cultural events as recompense.

But, the suspension was lifted by the administration, and the student agreed to self-imposed punishment:

The president of the University of Houston, Shane Smith, removed the 50-day suspension and instead, student body vice president Rohini Sethi agreed to impose self-punishment to avoid being removed from her student government office. The suspension was removed because the student government was unsure whether the president’s suspension was constitutional. Sethi will be on an unpaid leave of absence lasting 15 business days and will attend cultural diversity trainings previously imposed by Smith.

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