‘Black Lives Matter’ Co-Sponsored Concert Cancelled in Charleston due to ‘Security Concerns’

Charleston’s police department and the city’s Black Lives Matter chapter may not see eye-to-eye on security arrangements. From the City Paper:

Black Lives Matter Charleston (BLM843) revealed over the weekend the cancellation of its collaborative hip-hop, R&B, and poetry show tonight at the Music Farm, stating that the performances, organized also by GeecheeOne Magazine and GeecheeGumbo, have been postponed due to “safety concerns.”

According to Captain Chip Searson from the Charleston Police Department (CPD), the CPD contacted the venue recently, asking if it had taken any security measures, like hiring off-duty police officers, for tonight’s event. Searson said the reason for concern was due to an incident on Sat. Sept. 3, when gunshots were fired outside the Music Farm directly following a performance with rap artist Shy Glizzy.

As a response to the CPD inquiry, the Music Farm decided to shut the concert down as of Sat. Oct. 22.

It appears that the Charleston police is doing its job in making sure the music event is safe for all attendees by inquiring about security arrangements. The Black Lives Matter chapter could only say that all channels are open between themselves and the police after the concert’s cancellation.

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